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When I met Emma, I had just started living on my own; I was hours away from my friends and family, adjusting to my new graveyard shift, and managing my chronic illness alone. Even before Emma started her journey as a life coach, she was a friend and mentor to me during this challenging time.

A few years later, she decided to quit her day job and follow her passion as a Health Coach. She made a very brave decision, one that a majority of people would be unable to make in the same situation. I approached Emma as one of her first clients, under the assumption that she would help me polish off the rough edges in my life, and I would help her gain experience as a Heath Coach. What ensued next was the best life-altering change that I have experienced thus far, with all of the credit going to the lovely Emma Tillett.

When I started coaching sessions with Emma, I did not realize just how much my life was crumbling around me. I was engaged in unhealthy eating practices, which torpedoed my energy levels; I was unconsciously placing myself into stressful situations, which inhibited my ability to connect with people and create meaningful relationships, and I was self-sabotaging my own image, which degraded my confidence and self-respect. With Emma's amazing help, I was able to recognize these harmful actions, accomplish realistic goals to overcome these actions, and develop new routines to improve my long-term health and happiness. Without Emma's help, I would still be in the same dark, depressing place that I was in a year ago, but now I feel healthier, happier, and more loved than I have ever felt before.

The first bad habit we tackled was my eating practices. I used to deal with hunger like most Americans; at the last minute, I would find the quickest (and unhealthiest) way to satisfy my hunger, which in a lot of cases led to nausea, acid reflux, and fatigue, with long term side effects of unhealthy weight loss and kidney stones. Emma taught me how to recognize the early signs of hunger, how to prepare for a healthy meal, how to listen to my body during and after a meal, and how to use the information I gather to continually improve my health over time. Emma was so dedicated to my improvement that she met me at the grocery store for one of our sessions to help me choose healthy and satisfying foods; it was a truly learn-by-doing success story that no nutritionist or dietician would be willing to do. For another session, we cooked a meal together and identified healthier ways to eat to aid in better digestion and satisfaction. The result of Emma's help: I no longer experience any of the negative symptoms above, and for the first time of my life, I actually enjoy and look forward to eating.

Emma was amazing at creating a welcoming and judgement-free atmosphere; she made me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered. She was kind and patient, and she worked hard to understand my situation. Emma's strongest quality, by far, was her ability to be honest and direct, which was the key to my success in her program; I was able to completely trust her. When we started sessions, I was barely holding myself together during stressful situations. A combination of overnight work and poor nutrition left my energy levels at an all time low. Care for my chronic illness became a never-ending cycle of frustration, and my apartment became more and more cluttered. Not only was I in a steady decline, but my space to regain energy was becoming less and less effective. At the time, I was in denial about my issues with stress and anxiety, but Emma was able to dig deep and identify my issue. Every week, we worked to identify a few realistic goals to accomplish, which she called "action steps". The action steps were designed to course-correct my life without overwhelming me, and they really worked. I slowly got the clutter cleared around my apartment and worked to create a comfortable space to regain energy. She recommended using an app to do guided meditations, which allowed me to focus my mind on where I was holding stress. Then she taught me how to identify the onset of stress in much the same way as she did with hunger, and I was able to deal with the stress before it occurred. A year later, I am in such a great place that I rarely get stressed, and when I do, I am able to recognize its onset and remove myself from the stressful situation prior to experiencing anxiety. This has led to better relationships with my family, friends, and coworkers because, without anxiety, I am a more enjoyable person to be around!

Learning to eat healthy and manage stress has had an amazing cascading effect on my life. I had a huge self-confidence issue when it came to my weight, and I was eating to gain weight. Emma helped me change my mindset, and now I realize the only way to look healthy is to feel healthy. Instead of self-sabotaging myself by overeating, feeling nauseous, getting acid reflux, losing energy, and feeling defeated, now I get energy, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment from each meal. This extra energy has given me the ability to search for additional ways to feel healthy, for instance, I have extended Emma's life lessons to better care for my chronic illness. I realized the effect overnight work was having on me, and I made an effort to work days. I realized how some of my "friends" and "family" were creating negative feelings in my life, and I started to surround myself with only people that make me feel good. This has created a confidence-boosting cyclical effect, and because of this, I am becoming happier and happier every day. Emma has truly turned my life around, and I do not know where I would be if I did not have her in my life as a friend, mentor, and health coach.


I had been suffering with chronic Candida glabrata overgrowth/infections for 10 months. I had seen several different doctors and specialists (gp, gynecologist, dermatologist, infectious disease specialists, Women's health specialist, chiropractor, naturopath) I had taken many medications including fluconazole, nilstat, boric acid pessaries. These were tried on multiple occasions and high doses to the point where I experienced rare side effects such as intense nose bleeds and skin peeling. I had treatments with creams, acupuncture and liquid herbal mixes. The only one that seemed to bring a small amount of relief was drinking and bathing with Pau d'arco, but the infection did not clear. I was going out of my mind. I became paranoid about the water or mould in my house causing it. I had altered my diet dramatically to suit what the information out there to avoid all sugar. At points I would starve myself, as I was convinced that my diet was still affecting it, the doctors showed concern for my weight loss but still did not consider my diet to be the cause of the Candida. I developed a fear of food.

But with that fear was also a longing to understand and determine the root cause of my problem, and not just treat the symptoms that stem from it. I really did feel like my diet was a key factor, even if the doctors didn't. I found information about a raw vegan lifestyle which is how I met Emma.

We talked about our experiences and it was really validating to hear that Emma had first hand experience with this issue. Talking with Emma I felt supported and confident for the first time in a long time. We set goals for me, to heal and to become peaceful after my body and mind had endured so much stress. Having Emma as a coach felt like a best friend, because she is empathic, understanding and in tune with you. Emma helped me get in tune with myself again with yoga, conscious breathing, and positive self talk. We also set a goal to gain weight once I became more comfortable with food. The raw vegan was great for cleansing, healing and stepping back to basics, and Emma helped expand on that as to make sure I was getting all my dietary requirements met. Ultimately I feel like Emma helped me see I have more power to heal myself than I knew and to trust my intuition and what my body is telling me. Her coaching is gentle, patient, warm and validating. After the experience of healing, with Emma as my support, it opened my eyes to how much we can become dependent on prescription drugs and medical doctors to rescue us. Emma's amazing knowledge about nutrition inspired me and helped me recognise it's value for sustaining a healthy, peaceful body and mind. I have been free from Candida infection since I went to the raw vegan lifestyle with Emma's support. I am so grateful to have worked with Emma, as she also helped me to see value and worth in myself again.


Working with Emma was a transformative experience. I feel like I received equal amounts of practical, easy-to-implement tips in addition to learning so much about the various bodily systems and how they all impact each other. Emma would guide me mindful eating practices during our sessions and having her real time feedback and support made these practices easier to implement into my daily routine to help me digest better. She gave me the ability to sit in my discomfort and feel empowered to transform it into growth and resiliency. Emma’s down to earth approach was something I really appreciated and I felt comfortable to express my wants and needs to her throughout our sessions together. She would hold me accountable and I know it comes from a place of truly wanting to assist her clients on their healing journeys. I would highly recommend working with Emma for anyone who is ready to take action into transforming their health.


Emma changed my life! I’ve been working with her for about 4 months to restore my gut. My chief complaints were for small bacterial overgrowth and acid reflux. I felt as if I was not getting proper healing at any doctors office or clinic; the agenda was meds. Emma not only helped restore my gut but she taught me more than I’ve ever known about my own health and healing. Working with her will improve your confidence and relationship with food and with yourself. She will work with you and more importantly she will listen to you. I can wholeheartedly say that this has been the best journey.